D R I N K S   P A C K A G E S

No matter ​what the occasion, nothing says welcome like a free drink from your host.

Of course, if you have thirsty friends and relatives, you may want them to buy their own after that!

All our arrivals packages are approximately 20cl measures, and served on tables in the bar area for your guests to help themselves,

and include complimentary glasses of orange (1 orange per 10 drinks ordered) for the drivers.


The traditional way of welcoming your guests to the reception, at an inexpensive £2 per head.



A little bit more extravagent, but still not breaking the bank, at just £3.50 per head.



For those who really want to push the boat out! We're guessing that if you want Champagne, you may even have

a favourite Champagne, so let us know what it is and we will give you a price.


If you really like your guests, then why not give them a couple of bottles of wine for the table.

We would suggest a bottle of red and a bottle of white per table of 8-10 people.

Provided you order a minimum of 12 bottles of our £12.95 house wine in advance, we will charge just £11 per bottle.

If you would like to provide your own wine for the table, or your own drinks on arrival, we can accomodate this.

You should note, however, that corkage of £5 per standard bottle of still wine or £8 for sparkling wine is charged.


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