C O V I D  -  S A F E

Following our re-opening, we have the same commitment

that we have always had to ensuring that our customers and our staff are safe here.

Some of those measures may mean that your experience might be slightly different to

usual. We will do whatever we can to minimise the impact on you.


We are continually refining our approach in light of the ever changing Government guidance,

but at present our approach to keeping you safe will be;


Hand sanitisers will be provided on entry and at suitable locations in the building.



We have evaluated the venue capacity, in particular the ventilation, as being 175 people.


There is strong evidence that good ventilation reduces transmission. For this reason, our ceiling mounted extractor

fans will be in use during your function. You should note that this does have a tendency to cool the

room, and that you may wish to dress on the assumption that the room will be cool (but not cold)



We will continue to offer our full range of buffet options, but we will ask people to come up to the buffet in

small groups.

We look forward to welcoming you for an enjoyable and SAFE experience


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