C O V I D  -  S A F E

At the present, we know that the earliest we might re-open is July 4th. It is possible

that we may need to delay beyond that. The date when we re-open will be when

it is safe to do so.

When we re-open, we will have the same commitment that we have always had to ensuring that

our customers and our staff are safe here.


We are watching closely to find out what the Government will expect of us in terms of safety

measures, and you can rest assured that we will implement any required measures,and any

optional measures that we feel will contribute to keeping everybody safe.

Some of those measures may mean that your experience might be slightly different to

usual. We will do whatever we can to minimise the impact on you. Whilst we don't yet know what the

requirements will be, we expect that SOME of the following might be in place;



Whilst we wouldn't expect there to be any requirement for you or your guests to wear any
PPE, we do think that our staff may be required to wear it. We will do our best to make

it stylish rather than clinical!



In the early days of reopening, it is very likely that there will be limits on the number of people

that we can accommodate. Where those limits materially affect your function, we will offer you

an opportunity to move to a new date.


It is possible that we might be asked to check temperatures of your guests on arrival, to determine
whether any have a fever. This would be carried out using infrared thermometers.

If this is in place, we will need to refuse admission to those guests who have an elevated

temperature. If your function is a wedding, we would urge that the Bride and Groom self-isolate

in the period leading up to the wedding, to ensure that they are not infected,


At times where we are restricting venue capacity, or carrying out temperature checks, we may need

to restrict customers entering and leaving during the function, which would mean that smoking areas

may not be available at all times.


We may need to remove some tables from the bar area and make use of smaller tables in the main
hall to facilitate social distancing. You may need to have a table plan which ensures that people

are seated in social bubble groups. Tables may need to be arranged to increase the spacing, which

may reduce the available dance floor


We may need to limit the number of people who can be on the dance floor at one time, and to ask

that those dancing do so without being too close together.


It may not be possible for you to order drinks at the bar as you usually would. We are exploring

ways in which we can take your drinks order, and get your drinks to you, whilst maintaining

social distancing measures.


When we first re-open, we expect that there may be shortages of draught beers, as the breweries

restart production (rest assured that the draught beer from before lockdown is gone!). It may be

necessary to offer canned drinks instead for the earliest functions. There will still be a great

selection of spirits and bottled beers.


We know that this will be a party, and particularly that people will be celebrating freedom as

well as your special day. We are absolutely not going to turn your party into afternoon tea with

bone china cups, but we do need to be aware that the more people drink, the less good they are

at social distancing. That means that we may need to limit what people drink just a little!


In order to keep our staff safe, we may need to ask that you return your empty glasses to a collection point

rather than having glass collectors touring the hall collecting glasses. Please note that whilst we have a

good stock of glasses, there aren't enough to keep us going all night!

We look forward to welcoming you for an enjoyable and SAFE experience


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© 2020 Dukinfield Masonic Club

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